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We are a company that originated in 2013 in Valencia, Spain.

We started just like any other dreamer, sacrificing many things, but always thinking about our clients. This has taught us to be professional, fast, effective and work hard.

Our mission at Cleaning Pro Max is to work and live according to our most intrinsic values, such as respect, honesty and perseverance, bringing these to every project in which we get involved.

What characterizes us



We respect our clients’ time. We know how important your times are, so we work accordingly in a conscious and efficient way.

We are meticulous

When we do a job, we like it to be done well. We pay attention to all those details that we know matter to you.
“Details make difference”


We have been offering our service for years, so we know our work in depth. Our team is highly trained to carry out all their tasks.